Gridwork Clinic

The last Thursday of every month


Ok... so Gymnastics!!

Those of you that havnt ventured to one of these clinics it’s just purely primarily FUN!!

Great training environment with encouraging like minded people!!

Of course we work on:



Technique over the fence for both

sharpness of the horse


Too many things to mention!

Of course for all you non jumpers there will be the ever popular pole class

There will be green horse classes for those of you in between poles and jumping and then various height intervals for you to choose from.

Hopefully you will learn to encourage the horse to learn from mistakes and allow yourself to encourage the horse to

Improve their technique without forcing the horse. Gridwork improves the balance of the rider and the ability to react quick as well as improving both of your techniques over a fence.

The heights are just a guide and if your doing great on the day you may go higher then your chosen group! But equally if it’s not your day we will keep it simple.. all groups will be started off steady and built up gradually.

Don’t be shy, if there is something you would like to address in particular then please don’t hesitate to come forward!


If you havnt done a NDM clinic before, no probs .. just go to my website

On the homepage you will find a clinic form.. print off.. fill in.. send me a picture and then bring completed form on the day.

If you have done a form please just message me any time constraints and who if anyone you want to be grouped with.

Payment confirms your place, please don’t be offended but your place won’t be secured until payment has been made.. as you can imagine making exceptions in past has meant ppl pulling out last min ruining it for others.

Please make payment to

N. De Macedo

Acc: 11032642

Sort: 16-24-32


Cost is £29.50


Please put your surname and clinic date in the reference.


Times will be up no later than the wed before, any time constraints will be accommodated. For whatever reason if this is impossible then providing I have had plenty of notice on the constraint a Refund will be given. No refunds after a week before the clinic due to making sure the clinic can go ahead. more than happy if you find a replacement person.


These clinics fill up fast so be sure to get your name down if your keen!


Niki xx

New Barn

Chelford Road



WA16 8TA

timmy clinic IMG_7674